Shipshewana Happy Salt is a gourmet seasoning salt that will add zest to any dish. Happy Salt can be used on salads, vegetables, meats – anything you want! These unique salts are perfect for people who love cooking or are looking for the next culinary adventure.

Who Makes Happy Salt – Shipshewana Spice Company?  

Happy Salt was created by the Shipshewana Spice Company in Shipshewana, Indiana, but its popularity has spread worldwide! It’s a delicious blend of seasonings that can literally go on anything.

Shipshewana Spice Co. Happy Salt – Myers Market
We are pleased to offer authentic Shipshewana Spice Co. Happy Salt with shipping anywhere in the US! Use as you would salt. Shake on meats, salads, …

What seasonings do you use in your kitchen? I know I use Salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I can replace all of these spices and keep the family happy. It adds an incredible garlic flavor to chicken, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, or any other homemade recipe!

I have been cooking with this Salt for years, and everyone loves it. It has helped me organize myself in the kitchen by using fewer seasonings.

One trick is to add to potatoes while you cook them. It’s an excellent topping for a baked potato too!

What other seasonings are made in Amish Country?  

The Shipshewana Spice Company makes more than just Happy Salt. You may have tried Mr. Hearts Salt-Free Seasoning too. While it does make us “Happy,” it does not compare to Happy Salt!

Shipshewana Happy Salt

You can shop for happy Salt here on our website, and we will ship anywhere in the USA.

How Do I Use Shipshewana Spices?  

Sometimes when I have extra garlic chicken leftover, I’ll add happy salt seasoning, some bread, and vegetables and make a meal from scraps unmatched!

I use happy Salt in my chicken fried rice dish. It’s a quick and easy way to add flavor!

Another favorite is using it on popcorn; you can make it my variation by popping corn and then tossing it with olive oil, happy Salt, pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, and hot sauce. What spices do you put on your popcorn?

Can I Give Shipshewana Happy Salt as a Gift?  

Shipshewana Happy Salt

I’ve considered this for my local web design business, Distinct, many times. Soon, we plan to send Happy Salt or other Amish goodies from the spice co to new clients as a welcome gift. It’s a win-win because we can make a good impression with our culinary taste, support Myers’ Market, and support the spice co too!

Where can I Find Happy Salt?  

I have the privilege to shop at Myers’ Market in person. I can visit the store whenever I’d like to go shopping. Since I can visit the shop quickly, I’ll often buy the 13 oz container, but they sell cases and half cases too! While I’m there, I grab other Amish spices, bread, and anything else I can find made by the Shipshewana Spice Company. The price is always right at Myers’ Market too.

However, if you’re in the middle of a search online for this seasoning, you can read a review of Myers’ Market business before deciding that this is the place you’re going to buy your seasoning from. The flat rate box keeps costs down .

If you live near Shipshewana, you can obviously visit the business in person to buy the seasoning too. The spice co has many great products to browse. I enjoy the area around Shipshewana as well!

I’m told you can find Happy Salt and other spices at the flea market as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a flea market, so I’d suggest ordering from Myers’ Market instead. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my review of Happy Salt, and you can absolutely take advantage of the shipping service from Myers. Market Load up your cart with other Indiana Goodies to take advantage of the flat rate shipping.

This post was written by Vincent Aguirre, President of Distinct. Distinct is a Local Web Design company based in Greencastle, Indiana.