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Build your Sandwich - Pick up at Myers Market

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Please note that all Sandwiches are
pick up only at Myers Market.

Oven Roasted Turkey – All natural no binders or fillers
Deep Fried Turkey – All natural turkey breast deep fried and sliced
Honey Roasted Turkey – All natural breast meat w/ a slight honey sweetness
Honey Roasted Ham – All natural uncured applewood smoked ham w/ a honey sweetness
Fire Smoked Ham – All natural uncured heavily smoked ham
Gourmet Ham – All natural uncured applewood smoked ham
Cuban Pork – Pork roast rubbed with authentic cuban spices
Oven Roasted Chicken – All natural breast meat lightly seasoned
Deep Fried Chicken – All natural breast meat deep fried and sliced
BBQ Chicken – Our oven roasted chicken breast w/ Bonz BBQ sauce
Ham & Turkey – The ham and turkey of the day mixed on one sandwich
Triple Italian – Genoa salami, pepperoni and hard salami
Fried Chicken Salad – Our deep fried chicken lunch meat mixed with mayo, craisins and cashews.
Roast Beef – All natural beef top round seasoned w/ salt and pepper
Pastrami – All natural bottom round seasoned and lightly smoked
Raspberry Chipotle Turkey – Spicy seasoned turkey breast with just a hint of raspberry
Black Forest Ham – All natural uncured smoked ham
Tuna Salad – Albacore tuna mixed with mayo, diced celery and pickles
Shrimp Salad – Chopped shrimp mixed with mayo, diced celery, onion, lemon juice, salt & pepper,
Veggie (hummus)

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